About Facilities

Pro Shop, Practice, Clubhouse Facilities


Pro Shop

The Pro Shop at South Hill Country Club caters to the needs of golfers of every shape and skill level. Whether you are a avid player or just a beginner to the game, you'll enjoy the goodies in the Pro Shop.

Practice Facilities

Keep your game in tip-top shape at the practice facilities of South Hill Country Club. The numerous practice stations are available during regular golf course hours.

Practice areas for chipping and putting are also available. Knock a few strokes off your score with some additional time spent working on your short game. The practice facilities at South Hill Country Club are a productive way for golfers to spend their free time.


Food & Beverage

Before or after your next round relax with a bite to eat and a refreshing beverage. South Hill Country Club, we have most of your favorite snacks, drinks, and other food items to keep fuel in the furnace.

We encourage our customers not to golf on an empty stomach. Be sure to rehydrate with a thirst-quenching soft drink or relax with an ice-cold drink. You will be glad you took the time to enjoy the game and to enjoy your day.